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Sometimes, just taking time out from your busy schedule to think and feel and reconnect helps to achieve a more healthful balance and outlook. Enhance your relaxation experience at Wing Creek Resort by indulging in a deeply relaxing spa service at the Falling Water Spa.

Although many of our clients are very familiar with the spa experience, we also provide the perfect environment for first time spa experiences.

Spa Packages can be customized to meet your individual needs. Gift Certificates are available. Prices are in Canadian dollars, excluding tax and gratuity.

Guest bookings are given priority but you do not need to be a guest at Wing Creek Resort to enjoy one of our award winning Spa Services. Simply call or text us to book while you are in the area: 250.353.2475. We require 24 hours’ notice to schedule appointments.

Relax. Let the tranquil sounds of the cascading mountain stream take you away.


Spa - CouplesRelaxation Massage

Indulge in a very special couples massage or just treat yourself to our most popular spa service: a deeply relaxing full body massage. Swedish and shiatsu bodywork techniques create a heavenly experience tailored specifically to you. Essential oils are carefully selected to release the wellness benefits of aromatherapy. Re-energize or de-stress. Reconnect with yourself, your partner and Nature.

55 minutes  ~  $85
90 minutes ~ $125
Couples  ~  55 minutes ~ $195


Spa MessageSports Massage

Book a vigorous sports massage after an active day of hiking, cycling, boating, golf or skiing. Sports massage is typically part of a prevention/ maintenance program or a rehabilitation program for those who “overdo it” or suffer a sports injury. Sports massage can speed healing and reduce discomfort during rehabilitation.

45 minutes  ~  $95


Spa DeckReiki

Reduce stress and enhance your balance, harmony and well-being with a Reiki session. Reiki originated in Japan in the late 1800s. Reiki is the connection of Rei (Universal) and Ki or Chi (Life Energy). This natural healing technique transfers healing energy through the practitioner to the client and promotes healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki is a gentle form of healing that is both relaxing and renewing. You will receive your Reiki treatment fully clothed.

55 minutes  ~  $85



Reflexology is a compression technique that treats the reflex points in the feet and/or hands. Each reflex point corresponds to a specific part of the body. Pressure massage is applied to these reflex points to relieve stress, and tension, to improve circulation and to promote healing and balance throughout the body. You will receive your reflexology treatment fully clothed, with the exception of your socks.

55 minutes  ~  $85

“This place will linger in my mind for a long time. I am in awe. The cabin, the mountain air, the deep restfulness of Deb’s massage restored absolute peace and complete nirvana.”   –  Guest from Forthill, ON

“One of the most pristine and beautiful places we have ever seen. Massages were fantastic. Really want to come back! “   –  Guests from Calgary, AB 

Call or text us at 250-353-2475 or email us now to book!