Green Initiatives at Wing Creek

Wing Creek Resort, located in the heart of an incredibly beautiful part of BC, is known for its beautiful natural setting and pristine environment. We are committed to environmental preservation on every level and have created our resort to ensure environmental sustainability and to attract guests who appreciate and support our values and mandate.

Since 2004, Wing Creek Resort has made a concerted effort to follow accepted green standards and has made every effort to minimize the environmental impact of our business; from design and construction through to our Vacation Rental Management Program and resort operations. Our initiatives enable us to operate an environmentally friendly resort and provide an authentic Canadian vacation experience to guests from all over the world.

We pledge to continue our focus on keeping Wing Creek Resort a Green Retreat. Our designs of buildings, facilities and amenities each take the environment into account, as does every aspect of our operations. Our green practices also ensures that we do not negatively impact watersheds or wildlife.

Environmental steps include reduced use of:sya-green-business-finalist-WEB

  • electricity
  • water
  • fuel
  • shipping
  • transportation
  • landfills
  • all materials from construction materials to paper

We live and operate our business in one of the most beautiful pristine environments on earth. We take our responsibility to sustainability very seriously. We are proud to be taking a leading role in the sustainability movement in an area that already prides itself on environmental leadership.

We believe that tourism, which is one of the greenest industries in the world, is the key to future economic development and sustainability here. In this area of pristine natural beauty, there is a constant reminder to always keep the environment at the forefront when planning for future community growth and general economic development. It makes sense to us, to our community and to our guests.

We welcome the opportunity to share our eco-friendly resort with you and invite you to become part of Wing Creek, one of the greenest living and tourism choices anywhere in the world. Help us make a difference.

Our Sustainable Tourism 2030 Pledge:

Wing Creek Resort is proud to embark on a transformative journey toward a brighter and more sustainable future by signing the Sustainable Tourism 2030 Pledge. We are not just making a commitment; we are igniting a 2 decade-long quest to elevate our business practices and forge a path that others may follow.

In the spirit of the UN World Tourism Organization’s vision, we recognize that sustainable tourism is not a mere concept but a comprehensive approach that encompasses the well-being of our visitors, the vitality of our industry, the health of our environment, and the prosperity of our host communities.

With each passing year, we pledge to not only measure but to enhance our sustainability performance. We will innovate, we will inspire, and we will lead by example, ensuring that the legacy we create is one of enduring positive impact for the world we all share. Let’s journey together towards 2030, where every step we take is a step closer to a sustainable and thriving planet.

Sustainable Tourism